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As Seen On TV Pillow

Over thirty million Americans suffer from chronic back pain. Even more alarming, over 50 percent of American workers claim to suffer from some type of back pain every year. In many cases, this pain stems from poor posture at work. Nevertheless, many overlook the fact that it can also be due to poor posture in bed combined with a lack of quality sleep.

Using an As Seen on TV Pillow to Eliminate Back Pain
One of the most revolutionary advances in sleep technology is the use of space-age materials in the manufacture of pillows. Without proper head and neck support, studies have shown that uncomfortable pressure points on the spine can cause more than just discomfort. Over the course of an eight hour sleep cycle, this can lead to back pain. Over many years, such pain can become permanent.

The Memopedic memory foam pillow literally remembers its shape. Ergonomically designed, it provides perfect and firm support that can virtually eliminate all negative pressure points. Since the material "remembers" its shape, it will continue to provide superior head, neck, and back support as long as you need it. Why live in constant pain, when simply replacing your pillow can alleviate much of the problem?

Although the Memopedic as seen on TV pillow is available from a variety of TV and internet sources, at, we pride ourselves on our deep discounts. With close to a decade of experience in the industry, we understand the importance of providing superior customer service. We are always available to answer any of your product or shipping questions directly via our email address.


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